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Human resources development and cooperative framework

special postdoctoral researcher initiative research unit collaboration researchers from industry

Human resource cultivation by CMIS, outreach activity

[Okayama University] (Human resource development commissioned by MEXT / Partner University Agreement)
Training of researchers, from biomarker research to the cell and animal experiment levels, by establishing partner university agreements with comprehensive graduate school departments in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, and development of an educational research system to train PET/CT related technicians.
[Hamamatsu University School of Medicine] (Human resource development commissioned by MEXT)

1) researchers and doctors who can bridge basic research and clinical research using PET technology, 2) doctors who can solve clinical problems through imaging research and use it in clinical use, 3) researchers who can develop new research methods and fields by integrating their own expertise and PET technology, is carried out through a PET Educational Course targeting graduate school students and an Open Public Course targeting young researchers outside the University, etc.

[Gifu University] (Partner Graduate School Agreement)
Further promotion of research education, such as drug-discovery molecular imaging research based on chemical biology and the synthesis and functional evaluation of molecular probes, and imaging research to develop new curative medicine for intractable diseases.

Human resource development

◆ PET Academy
○ Receives lab workers dispatched from pharmaceutical companies, and carries out education and research at actual research sites (participation by six companies since establishment in 2007)

◆ Molecular imaging summer school
○ Lecture series on molecular imaging techniques from basis to application including drug discovery and diagnosis.

◆ CMIS Seminar (10-20 times/year)
○ Free of charge, open-to-the-public seminars by top-class instructors in various fields related to molecular imaging, such as life science, medical chemical, etc., from Japan and overseas.

◆ PET Intensive Course (Twice/year)
○ Lectures for imaging analysis researchers using PET, centering on the basics, from PET measurement principles to practical contents.

◆ Symposium
○The fruits of research commissioned under the Japan Advanced Molecular Imaging Program (J-AMP) by MEXT will lead to technology transfer and public benefit, enhancing cooperation among industry, government and academia.

The industry-academia-government cooperation

RIKEN CMIS is working to promote a cooperative system between industry-academia-government.
Our aim is to establish a collaborative research framework with drug development-related industries, based on RIKEN's baton-zone project for drug discovery.
To achieve this goal, the CMIS has established a labeling synthesis area (GMP-based synthesis area) that complies with the standards for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for medicinal products and will advance translational research by distributing molecular probes to medical institutions that have research collaborations with us.
We are also encouraging collaborative research and technological development with industries linked to the development of devices for molecular imaging.
We carry out a range of contract or funded research, organize a PET Science Academy which is a consortium-style practical educational program that includes participants from different companies to strengthen our partnerships, and encourage the submission of new proposals. Please contact us for more information.