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[Cellular Function Imaging Laboratory Team Leader:Yosky Kataoka

- Making Bridges with Molecules -


We are making bridges between cellular function and living system with molecular imaging

We are investigating physiological or pathological roles of cells functioning in living tissues by using PET and optical imaging. In order to realize the investigations with linkages between molecules and functions, and behavior of each cell and living systems, we conduct multi-modal molecular imaging researches combined with electrophysiology and histochemistry.

1)Study on the integrated system of brain by combining molecular imaging and functional analyses

We are developing multi-modal research systems with integrated analyses of molecules functioning in the brain, neural activity, and behavior, by combining molecular imaging, electrophysiology, and behavioral analysis, in order to understand the brain function as an integrated system. In particular, we are focusing on mechanisms of fatigue sensation, depression, and pain sensation.

2)Make bridges between cellular-level studies and systemic (organ)-level studies

We are developing cell-specific imaging techniques for stem/progenitor cells existing even in the central nervous system of adults and cancer/cancer stem cells. Furthermore, we are developing a combination technique of micro-autoradiography and immunohistochemistry in the same tissue slices which were prepared after injection of PET probes to experimental animals. This technique allowed us to identify the cells showing accumulation of PET probes in the histological level.

Tracing biodistribution with same PET probe (cellular-, tissue-, organ- and systemic level)

September 3, 2010
Molecular imaging opens up a vast new world for neuroscience


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