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Hiroshi Mizuma Received Poster Award of the SNM 2010 Annual Meeting.

Hiroshi Mizuma, a research scientist in the Functional Probe Research Laboratory, has been awarded the Poster Award, Second Place Poster of the Neurosciences Track, in the 57th Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM 2010, June 5 – 9, 2010 in Salt Lake City, UT, USA). SNM Scientific Program Committee selected candidates for the Poster Award of SNM 2010 in 10 scientific tracks prior to the meeting, and the top three winners in each track were determined in the meeting.
His poster is entitled as follows;

”Developmental Changes in Brain HDAC Activity in Rodents and Non-Human Primates Measured by [18F]FAHA-PET”
Hiroshi Mizuma1, Ryuichi Nishii2, Shinya Kagawa2, Akiko Tachibana1, Kazuhiro Takahashi1, Yasuhisa Tamura1, Tatsuya Higashi2, Juri G. Gelovani3, Hirotaka Onoe1
1. RIKEN Center for Molecular Imaging Science, Kobe, Japan.  2. Division of PET Imaging, Shiga Medical Center Research Institute, Shiga, Japan.  3. Department of Experimental Diagnostic Imaging, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.